A realtime messaging app to facilitate contact, help, service and sales, anonymously, for smartphone users in close proximity.

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As a startup, getting your first version of an app out the door is always a tough challenge. We helped the founder of Cheers app to make their dream come true.


Cheer is a fairly complex app with a dedicated chat backend, geolocation functions, in-app purchases and the app both needed to be developed for iOS and Android.

Development Approach

Parallel Development The app was developed in parallel for iOS and Android, natively. A custom backend was built to cater to the needs of both platforms.

Realtime Chat We opted to go for industry standards for the built-in chat solution with a XMPP backend contacted through native client-side code.

Native Components For all major functionality like In-App Purchase, Geoloation, ... native frameworks were used on both iOS and Android to offer the best user-experience possible.

Feature Highlights

  1. Geolocation
  2. In-App Purchase
  3. Chat Server


This project was a nice example of U2U Consult can help early-stage startups get a first version of their app out the door quickly & on a budget.